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About byNYTE (a tiny interview)

Can you tell us about the company?

Sure, byNYTE is a clothing brand connecting people through nostalgic fashion as a form of self expression, individuality and community. We like experimental fashion. Clothes you don’t necessarily see all the time. Clothes for the gently defiant individual.


Cool. And who am I talking to right now?

Oh that’s me, Joanna Jay, the creator and owner of byNYTE.


Nice to meet you! Can you tell us about yourself and how you got started?

As far back as I can remember I cared about clothes. I was the kid who threw tantrums because I didn’t want to wear the outfit my mom picked out. I knew what I wanted to wear, and more importantly what I did not want to wear.

With a background in business, marketing and design I decided to put it all together and create a company based on the ideals of nostalgic fashion. Another way of telling the story is that I started a company to show my mom that I can finally dress myself.


Where did the name byNYTE come from?

Almost all the major life decisions I’ve made, including creating this company, came to me in dreams while sleeping- at night- by night- byNYTE. 


Cool. So let me ask, who are your muses?

Right now? I would say anyone from the 90s and old men. [laughs out loud].


Well thanks for speaking with me today.

Absolutely. Anytime!